The mission of Home Connection Service is to empower households to obtain housing of their choice because everyone deserves a place to call home.

Home Connection Service (HCS) aims to expand housing opportunities so that no neighborhood feels out of reach. The HCS program will include security deposit assistance, pre‐ and post‐move counseling for low to moderate-income renters, as well as outreach and workshops for participating housing providers. Tenants and housing providers can utilize mediation services to address and overcome major conflicts. HCS is a program of Fair Housing Contact Service (FHCS).

Home Connection Service Program Overview

Tenant Services

  • Counseling for moving in and moving out
  • Security deposit assistance
  • Connection to potential landlords
  • Educational workshops and trainings
  • Mediation services as needed for dispute resolution

Landlord Services

  • Connection to potential tenants who desire long term rentals; reducing unit turnover
  • Guaranteed security deposit equal to 1 month’s rent
  • Mediation services as needed for dispute resolution
  • Training and education on Ohio Tenant‐Landlord Law and Fair Housing Law
  • Ongoing connection to community resources


Definition of Services

Pre‐move counseling includes individual assessments of household needs, desires and matching to neighborhoods of choice, help identifying rental units, assistance completing applications, education and information on housing rights and responsibilities and financial literacy.

Security deposit assistance (if needed) up to the cost of 1 month’s rent.

Post‐move counseling includes ongoing education and information on housing rights and responsibilities, connection to community resources and social service referrals, and mediation services if needed (available to both tenants and landlords.)

Information and Education on Ohio Landlord‐Tenant and Fair Housing rights and responsibilities including workshops and 1:1 counseling with trained housing counselors.

Mediation services will be available upon request from trained mediators to overcome housing disputes and maintain housing stability for program participants.


Fair Housing Contact Service is a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency that provides tenants and landlords with information and resources concerning their housing. The information provided on this page is intended to be used for general information regarding your rights as a tenant and the duties of a landlord under the Ohio Landlord Tenant Act. We are not attorneys. The information should not be taken as legal advice as we are not attorneys, but it may help you decide if and when you should pursue legal advice. Be sure to contact an attorney before taking any court action regarding a legal matter.