Rent escrow is a legal arrangement in which a clerk of courts temporarily holds a tenant’s rent until a particular condition has been met by a landlord, such as repairs to a rental unit. Your rent must be current before you can put any future rent payments into escrow. When you put your rent into escrow, you must pay your rent to your local clerk of courts every month on time. If a tenant wishes to put their rent in escrow because a landlord is not making repairs, they must first send the landlord a Correct Conditions Letter. This letter must be sent from the post office with a certificate of mail. If the landlord does not make the requested repairs within thirty days, a tenant must take a copy of the “Correct Conditions Letter” along with a certificate of mail receipt to their local clerk of courts in order to put their rent in escrow.

If you wish to terminate your lease, notify the clerk of courts and they will schedule a hearing where a magistrate will determine whether to grant you a termination. If more than two months pass after you began putting your rent into escrow, and your landlord still hasn’t made the repairs, you can schedule a hearing to have your lease terminated and have the money you put in escrow returned to you.

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