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What is Housing Discrimination?

Housing discrimination occurs when a person is treated differently due to their race, color, religion, sex, family status, disability, national origin, or military status.  Other additional characteristics may be protected in your local area such as sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, etc.

Housing discrimination is illegal.  The fair housing laws apply to landlords, sellers, brokers, lenders, insurance agents, neighbors, and other people in the housing industry.

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Some Examples of Housing Discrimination

  1. Intimidating or harassing tenants
  2. Refusing to rent, sell, or offer housing-related services
  3. Falsely denying that housing is available
  4. Treating tenants differently when providing repairs or services
  5. Applying different rules or rental amounts
  6. Steering people to rent in certain sections of town or certain properties
  7. Discriminatory advertising
  8. Refusing to make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities 

If a landlord, seller, insurance agent, or mortgage broker engages in these activities because of the race, color, religion, sex, family status, disability, national origin, or military status of a prospective or current tenant or buyer, they may be held liable under state and federal fair housing laws.

Discrimination Complaint Service

Fair Housing Contact Service (FHCS) receives funds from the United States government and different cities and counties to investigate claims of housing discrimination and assist clients in filing administrative complaints.

How can Fair Housing Contact Service help?

If you feel that you may have experienced housing discrimination, click here to request assistance, or call us at 330-376-6191 or toll-free at 877-376-6191.  A counselor will be in touch to discuss your concerns.

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