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In an effort to reduce the number of home foreclosures in our community, FHCS a HUD-approved counseling agency, provides free assistance to residents who are currently in foreclosure or may be in danger of defaulting on their mortgage. Our housing counselors are highly skilled, proficient and are passionate about helping you avoid foreclosure.

We offer a professional and private counseling setting and can help you in every step of the process. In line with our mission and vision, we want to help you avoid predatory situations and costly foreclosure rescue scams from companies who may want upfront fees to help you with your foreclosure.

Counseling sessions are available by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment to meet with one of our foreclosure counselors, please call 330-376-6191.

Prepare for you appointment

You will need the following paperwork completed prior to your one-on-one counseling appointment.

Counseling Intake Form
Client Release Form
Housing Counseling Program Disclosure Form
Foreclosure Budget Form
Privacy Policy

These forms are all contained in the foreclosure owner folder within the housing counseling folder.

You will also be requird to supply additional documents including but not limited to:

  1. Truth in Lending Statement
  2. HUD 1 Settlement Statement
  3. Most recent pay stubs (past 30 days)
  4. Most recent bank statements (past 60 days)
  5. Copies of all utility bills
  6. A physician’s statement, if applicable
  7. Most recent correspondence from your mortgage company
  8. Proof of Income – SSI, Disability, Retirement, Unemployment, etc.
  9. Most recent W-2 forms, 1099, or other annual earnings statements
  10. Termination of Unemployment Benefits, if applicable
  11. Copy of a valid driver’s license
  12. Copies of most recent income tax returns

REMEMBER … No one should ever pay a third party to intervene on their behalf to prevent foreclosure. FHCS, as well as a host of other agencies across the county and state, provides free, unbiased, and accessible programs and services to prevent foreclosure.

To locate us on the HUD website, please visit, under Get Help Now click on Talk to a Foreclosure Avoidance Counselor

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