How To Care For Your Home After Closing

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You are now the proud owner of the home of your dreams. You have worked hard to save money, find the right neighborhood, right real estate broker, right house, right lender and the right closing agent. Now it is time to think about how to protect your investment in your home.

These are some questions you should be asking yourself. For example:

  1. How should the house be maintained?
  1. How do the repairs get done?
  1. How will you pay for major repairs?
  1. What are the safety issues that need to be addressed?
  1. How do you relate to the new neighbors?
  1. What ways are there to make the house more energy efficient?
  1. What insurance coverage is necessary?
  1. Is refinancing a way to reduce mortgage payments?
  1. What should be done if it’s not possible to make mortgage payments?


Click below for more information on each of these topics.

Seeking Advice from Previous Homeowner
Making Necessary Repairs
Home Maintenance
Getting Money to Pay for Repairs
Saving Money Through Energy Efficiency
Securing Your Home and Family
Getting Neighborly Advice
Considering Hazard, Flood and Other Insurance Protection
Lowering Your Mortgage Payments
Looking for Homesaver Assistance
Seasonal Home Maintenance Schedule
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