Pre-Purchase / First Time Home Buyer Counseling

Our HUD approved housing counselor will help you evaluate your credit, set up a budget, and discuss financing options and housing grant opportunities. Together, you will prepare a plan for accomplishing your goals. Counseling consists of meeting in person or over the telephone one-on-one with a counselor. The counselor will focus on credit readiness, affordability, down payment, working with a lender, working with a realtor, selecting a home, offers and closings, and home maintenance.

Post-purchase Counseling

Click here to get tips on how to maintain your home and pitfalls to avoid as a new home owner.

Click here for information on affordable housing near you.

Want to see a housing counselor?

Counseling sessions are available by appointment only. Call us at 330.376.6191 to schedule an appointment.

Our HUD approved housing counselor will meet with you one-on-one to review your specific needs and outline a plan of action.

Prepare for your appointment

You will need the following paperwork filled out prior to your appointment:

Counseling Intake Form

It you are attending your counseling session in person, bring the completed counseling worksheet with you to your appointment. If you are conducting your session by phone, please return it to our office in advance of your appointment and keep a copy for yourself to refer to during the session. Also make sure to have your three most recent pay stubs.