Educational Outreach Program

The FHCS educational outreach program is part of an ongoing effort to instruct the general public on fair housing laws and practices, and to inform the community of our activities and services. We engage landlords, realtors, and other housing providers as well as tenants, homeowners, and home-buyers through presentations, workshops, classes, and clinics.

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Engaging Community Agencies

FHCS attends many community functions and its staff members serve on numerous local committees. Local service agencies are contacted regularly through mutual referrals regarding client needs. Efforts are made to interest local journalists in reports and stories about FHCS activities and client situations. Corporate and community agencies are knit into the outreach network to ensure a wider spread of knowledge and service dissemination.

Education Through In-House Services

FHCS integrates its education efforts into all of its programs. At each stage of a fair housing or tenant/landlord contact, whether it be over the phone or face-to-face, FHCS strives to explain the rights and obligations of the parties involved. These attempts at educating the public are at the frontline of our educational efforts.

Fair Housing Seminars

FHCS also conducts regional public speaking engagements and seminars on fair housing. While seminars are often solicited by FHCS, they may also be scheduled by request. Contact us for details.

Public Awareness Advertising

Public outreach is made through postcards mailed with water bills, bus signs, and the mailing of notices on FHCS events and activities.