In the wake of yet another act of racial violence, Fair Housing Contact Service, an Akron based civil rights organization, established in 1965, speaks out against the killing of members of the Asian Community in Georgia this week. Violence will never be the answer. FHCS demands the officials involved hold the perpetrator accountable for these acts of violence, and excuses not be made for this violent behavior. FHCS’ 56-year history has been built on standing for justice for ALL members of our community. We stand in solidarity with the Asian-American community to advocate for change and fight for justice.

Fair Housing Contact Service remains committed to partnerships with all individuals and groups working toward a nation in which violence against Asian Americans will not be tolerated, and where everyone has both the opportunity and ability to live in a safe, healthy, well-resourced, resilient neighborhood free from discrimination.

FHCS believes now is the time for action. FHCS takes action each day to address housing discrimination, and you can be part of our efforts as well. If you are looking for a tangible way to address racial discrimination and stand for civil rights, review information on our website about becoming a tester, or contact us at