Fair Housing Contact Service (FHCS), an Akron based civil rights organization, established in 1965, strives to prevent and eliminate housing discrimination and to promote equal housing opportunity. FHCS stands in solidarity with those demanding change to end racism. The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many other Black Americans killed by those in power is a public health crisis that must end now.

As an organization that rose up out of community organizing efforts of those facing discrimination, segregation, and oppression 55 years ago, FHCS recognizes the deep connections between systemic racism, police brutality, and housing segregation. Housing is the social determinant of all, and FHCS believes change will come when our political officials, businesses, and community members address the historical and current threads of racial segregation that continue to plague us. We must work together to transform the policies and practices that perpetuate white supremacy and segregation, including the laws that create racial disparities in access to safe, affordable housing.

FHCS believes now is the time for action and supports the peaceful demonstrations and the organizing efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement. FHCS takes action each day to address housing discrimination, and you can be part of our efforts as well. If you are looking for a tangible way to address racial discrimination and stand for civil rights, review information on our website about becoming a Tester, or contact us at info@fairhousingakron.org.

Fair Housing Contact Service remains committed to partnerships with all individuals and groups working toward a nation in which BLACK LIVES MATTER, where everyone has both the opportunity and ability to live in a safe, healthy, well-resourced, resilient neighborhood free from discrimination.