Place and Mobility Matter

Research shows that affordable housing located in diverse, mixed-income neighborhoods that provide strong schools, parks, grocery stores and other benefits can provide many benefits to you and your family including positive outcomes related to health, work, and education. These neighborhoods are referred to as “opportunity neighborhoods”.

Mapping Opportunity Neighborhoods

Fair Housing Contact Service has created maps that identify local areas in which opportunity neighborhoods exist. We encourage you to explore the maps below to find a neighborhood that fits your family’s needs.

Summit CountyDownload Map / Interactive Map
Stark CountyDownload Map / Interactive Map
Portage CountyDownload Map / Interactive Map
Medina CountyDownload Map / Interactive Map
FHCS Service AreaDownload Map / Interactive Map

Opportunity neighborhoods may also be located by using HUD’s AFFH mapping tool.

Affordable Housing Services & Listings

Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA)
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Medina Metropolitan Housing Authority
   ◦ Medina County Subsidized Housing List

Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority
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Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority
   ◦ Stark County Subsidized Housing List

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Housing Counseling

Fair Housing Contact Service offers housing counseling for home buyers, as well as counseling regarding foreclosure, reverse mortgage, etc.

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